Boka Nu!Triathlon-weekend with Lothar and Nicole Leder

Boka Nu!Triathlon-weekend with Lothar and Nicole Leder

”Meet the first triathlete who did the IM distance under 8:00 hours”.
During this weekend you will train both technique and endurance as well as get tips and tricks from two former triathletes, Lothar and Nicole Leder, who has characterized the ultimate world elite in triathlon for a long period. Lothar was the first to break the dream limit of 8 hours on the IM distance. Nicole Leder was usually the fastest girl on the run and has also won three IM races during her career. In addition, the Haga Health Club’s professional swimming and swimruncoach is also present, which means that you get a lot of attention and feedback from our competent coaches. We analyze your technique, both swimming and running. We use advanced analysis equipment during swimming in an endless pool. In addition to the three triathlon disciplines we practice basic stability and exercises strength. Inspirational lectures will give you the motivation to set your own objectives and work towards them. Lothar and Nicole work as triathlon coaches in Germany and have written many books on the subject of triathlon training. You have the chance share their knowledge of the triathlon sport. We will swim in open water, run together and have fun. The weekend arrangement will also suit coaches and compitors in the swimrun races. We focus on swimming and running.

Preliminary Schedule:

Friday july 27:th
17:00-17:30   Introduction
17:30-18:15   Easy running together (30 – 45 min) to get to know each other
18:30-19:30  1st swim set with focus on technique and individual feedback (about 60 minutes)
20:00              Dinner

Saturday july 28:th
09:00-10:30    Lecture swimming technique (about 90 min)
11:00-12:00    2nd swim set with focus on OW with navigation, bojtagning, klungkörning, pacing and switching (about 60 min)
12:30               Lunch
14:00-15:00    Running technique with climbing and individual feedback (about 60 minutes)
15:30-17:00    Lecture on triathlon, training and racing preparation, tips and tricks (about 90 min)
17:30-18:30    Strength and agility training for triathletes (about 60 min)
19:00               Dinner

Söndag july 29:th
09:00-10:00    3rd swim set with focus on simulation, technique and intervals, paddles and dolme (about 60 min)
11:00-12:00    Lecture on bike training (about 60 min)
12:30               Lunch
14:00-15:00    Running, interval training (hill intervals, you choose speed, about 60 min)
15:30               Closing coffee

Leader:                    Lothar Leder (first in the world under 8 h on IM, won 11 IM titles, Two 3rd places in Hawaii),
–                                 Nicole Leder (6 IM titles, won IM European Championship), Ulf Hausmann (ex national swimmer of DDR)
Date:                        27-29 july 2018
Price:                        4.950 kr incl all training, lectures, meals (2 lunches, 2 dinners and coffee)
Accomodation:      Radisson Blu Royal Park hotel
–                                 Singelroom: 995 Kr/night, Doubleroom: 1095 Kr/night. (use the right booking button below)
Prerequisites:        You can crawl and feel safe in open water. No time requirements
Nr of participants:  max 20
Equipment:             Wetsuit, running wear
Questions:               Contact or cell: 073-8522292

  • 2018-07-27 - 2018-07-29
    17:00 - 16:00

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