Ej TillgängligFULLY BOOKED: Swimrun Premium – Experience parts of the ÖtillÖ track, including swimming and running techniques

Ej TillgängligFULLY BOOKED: Swimrun Premium – Experience parts of the ÖtillÖ track, including swimming and running techniques

A weekend where the swimrun heart beats higher and higher.
We start with technical swim training in open water and running in Hagaparken. You will be recorded on film and we make a simplified analysis to find important areas of improvement. We eat tasty food in the hotel restaurant. Then we run a swim run on Haga Health Club’s own course – developed by ÖtillÖ and Rockman champions Marika Wagner. You will get valuable swimrun tips and a review of equipment including all the moments that make swimrun a wonderful sport. The next day we take our own boat out to Skärgården where we go swimrunning on selected parts of the ÖtillÖ course. We will go as a group or divide into smaller groups depending on capacity and skill level. We want it to be a common experience and keep the group together so that everyone is in focus. Course Leader is Haga Health Club’s Swim and Swimrun Coach Ulf Hausmann and Tomas Granberg (Running and Swimrun Coach). Both are experienced swim runners who share their knowledge, tips and tricks. You can choose to go with your partner or alone. We will group you in pairs to train moments like swimming and running with rope and shifting. We have the boatall day long and we will go to the finest and most famous places. For those staying at the hotel there is the possibility to relax in the evening with massage or spa treatments (booked and paid individually).

Date:                        18/19 augusti (selected sections of the course),
Leader:                    Ulf Hausmann – Professional Swim and Swimrun Coach, and Tomas Granberg – Professional Running and Swimrun Coach. Both participated ÖtillÖ
–                                 and other swimrun races. Tomas is ranked 4th in ÖtillÖ and came 2nd on Solvallas swimrun and Ulf came 2nd on the Loftahammar Endurance Race.
Accommodation:  At Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel. Book with the button below.
Prerequisites:        You can crawl and feel safe in open water. No time requirements. You exercise regularly and are used to long distances. No injuries.
Nr of participants: 16 st
Equipment:             Swimrun suit. Lightweight shoes for swimming (terrain or swim shoes). Dolme, paddles, rope is nice to have but not mandatory (we can provide)
–                                 Swimgoggles and swim cap. Warm clothes. Energy that you need during the training session.
Price:                        4.450 kr, all training included, transportation by boat/tenderboat to Skärgården and lunchbox on sunday as well.
Questions:              Contact ulf.hausmann@hagahc.se or cell: 073-8522292

The Restaurant

Enjoy Stockholm’s most appreciated vegan buffet with a wide range of dishes. A well-stocked buffet that gives you both recovery and taste experiences. Keep in mind that recovery in the form of nutritious food and rest is part of the training. The brunch is served every Sunday and costs 395 SEK and there is also a la carte served every day. If you just want to have some snacks, our Wild & Royal Café offers various smoothies and vegan snacks.

Schedule (Changes may occur):

08:00                  Startup meeting at Haga Health Club (Radison Blu hotel, Frösundavik)
08:30 – 10:00    Half group swimming technique and half group running technique
10:00 – 11:30    Swapping group swimming technique and running technique
12:00 – 13:00    Lunch
13:30 – 15:30    Swim run on Hagas own Swimrun course (Quick-start, technical training swimming OW, swim with rope/ in pair, changes, trail running)
15:30 –16:00    Coffee
16:30 –17:30    Swimrun intervals on Hagas own Swimrun course (interval training – you choose the speed)
18:00                 Dinner at the hotel

07:45                  Gathering at the bridge in Brunsviken outside the hotel
08:00 – 09:30    Transportation to the archipelago (the exact route is determined by the leaders depending on weather conditions – safety first). We train selected parts
–                         of the ÖtillÖ course.
–                         Mingle with the group about today’s tours and exchange of experiences
10:00 -13:00     Swimrun (with stops and in different speed groups)
13:15 – 14:15   Lunch (provided by Haga HC)
14:30–16:30     Swimrun (with stops and in different speed groups)
17:00 –18:30    Coffee on the boat trip home

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