Triathlon, consisting of swimming, cycling and running, has for a long period of time been a popular sport thanks to Swedish successes, such as Olympic champion Lisa Nordén and Patrik Nilsson who have won the prestigious Ironman race. In the beginning there were only a small circuit that trained and competed in triathlon but today it has spread among many athletes and there are many competitions over different distances.

The most common distances are sprint (750m swimming, 20km biking, 5km running), Olympic (1.5km swimming, 40km biking, 10km running), 70.3 distance / Half Ironman (1.9km swimming, 90 km of cycling, 21 km of running) and the great Ironman distance (3.8 km swimming, 180 km biking, 42 km running). A great attraction in triathlon is that it is a very varied training and contest – a challenge both physically and mentally.

Hagas triathlon coaches:

Ulf Hausmann (former national swimmer of DDR)
cellphone: +46-(0)73-85 222 92

Lothar Leder (two third places from Hawaii and the first in the world for under 8 hours at Ironman)


On September 23:rd we run two sharp training events: first a workshop on swimming techniques and training, then we go for indoor triathlon

Both events are great to combine. Are you attending both – pay only 2050 SEK (original price SEK 2500). The Radisson Blu hotel offers vegan brunch every sunday between 11:00 and 15:00. Enjoy Stockholm’s most appreciated vegan buffet with a wide range of dishes. A well-stocked buffet that gives you both recovery and taste experiences. Keep in mind that recovery in the form of nutritious food and rest is part of the training. The brunch costs 385 kr. If you just want to have some snacks, our Wild & Royal Café offers various smoothies and vegan snacks. Regular lunch a la carte costs 150 kr.

we practice all three dicsiplines indoor

WORKSHOP Swimming Technique September 23
simplified filming analysis and overload training (crawl)

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