Training Classes



We combine breathing with movement.
The class includes a creative flow of dynamic, physically challenging, and calm, recovery sequences. You are encouraged to follow your own flow and to pause whenever you need. The class suits anyone.


Efficient training for those who want to challenge themselves. The setup consists of a proper warm up before we take on the tough intervals, and / or hills. Every instructor puts his own character on the program but all trainers gives you the prerequisites for a hard and good exercise. The class suits anyone as you decide your intensity.

Circle Power

A Tabata-based class that suits everyone regardless of ability. The class is divided into three sets of about 15 minutes. We go through all the muscle groups of the body, the adrenaline is spraying and there is a lot of laughter. Each interval is 30 seconds and you can drive 3 repetitions or 15, depending on the ability. This is an extremely efficient exercise that provides muscle development, fitness and agility at the same time. The must of the week !


High Intensity Interval Training. A short and tough session where the pulse breaks away hard. Max effort is combined with rest for longer or shorter intervals to achieve improved fitness and increased fat burning


Fitness and strength are varied in water. Various tools such as dumbbells are used to challenge yourself a little extra. The class fits all as it is a mild and gentle form of exercise where you decide the intensity.

Strength interval

This is a strength class where you use different tools and your own body weight to work throughout the body in different interval series. An effective, easy and fun exercise.

Totally Toning

A simple, fun and effective workout that includes both fitness and strength.
Sometimes different tools are used and sometimes you work with your own body as the only tool with great focus on figurative exercises. A pass with lots of joy and energy!

Strength with Barbell

A complete strength pass where we work through the entire body using a barbell. The class suits everyone and you decide the load yourself.

Pilates fusion

Pilates fusion is a gentle exercise that provides increased body consciousness and can be practiced by everyone. Pilates is a good complement to other more demanding sports or for those who have a sedentary job. Pilates provides a good body posture and makes you smoother and more functional in your everyday life.

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