Test Clinic


Through knowledge, experience, personal treatment, individual adaptation and physiological tests, Aktivitus makes your training more effective through adequate and clear advice in training and exercise planning. Technique analyzes, individual PT and group training provide additional support for you as a customer.

Aktivitus should always have a scientific but at the same time 100% individualized approach to training.
At Aktivitus you do not give general advice without having the knowledge of the individual.

Aktivitus works with companies, sports associations and private individuals and is also a reseller of test and training tools from Monark Exercise.

Aktivitus was founded in 2004 by Mattias Lundqvist and Sara Danielsson Lundqvist and currently exists in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Aktivitus is Sweden’s leading test clinic for individuals and companies.

For more information contact Aktivitus Testklinik & Coaching on info@aktivitus.se or call us at +46-(0)10-1309350

Aktivitus is a partner of Haga Health Club and is adjacent to our premises.

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