Swimrun is a Swedish invention that combines running with swimming. Nature with plenty of water, bays and islands makes Sweden an Eldorado for swimrun, but there are of course also other places in the world with good conditions for swimrun. The sport is growing a lot in Sweden and abroad.

Swimrun is a wonderful sport that many exercise as it is a combination of nature experience, team feel and adventure, but also a mental test in which to withstand cold, heat and long distances. The idea is that you move in pairs from one place to another. You swim and run depending on what’s next. Riding in pairs makes swimrun even more interesting; You help each other and equalize speed differences – for example with a rope – to be able to tow teammates. As equipment, swimrun wetsuits, lightweight terrain shoes, “dolme”, paddles and ropes are usually used.

ÖtillÖ was the first and is the most famous and perhaps the toughest race but today there are many races that are suitable for contestants at all levels. Haga Health Club has established its own swimrun course around Brunsviken and Edsviken where we will train in spring and summer.

Hagas swimrun coaches:

Ulf Hausmann (former national swimmer of DDR)
e-mail: ulf.hausmann@hagahc.se, cellphone: 073-85 222 92
Tomas Granberg (ranked 4th in the ÖtillÖ ranking in 2017)
Marika Wagner (winner of ÖtillÖ and Rockman)

Discover our swimrun courses!

Our swimrun courses are developed by Marika Wagner, Ö-to-Ö world champion and winner of Rockman Swimrun. The courses are adapted for different levels and vary in length and technical difficulty. This is a beautiful place to practice swimrun and experience Hagaparken in a new way. Swing by at Haga Health Club and we will tell you more!

Collaboration partners within Swimrun

Haga Health Club collaborates with Loftahammar Endurance Day (LED) and Swimruncupen Stockholm to attract more people to try swimrun


Swimrun-kurs Premium
book June 3rd – Sep 15th


for Swimrun and Triathlon

for Swimrun and Triathlon



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