Swimrun Training Premium

Swimrun Training Premium with The Worlds most prominent swimrunners

We offer the unique opportunity to train and develop with the help of Sweden’s and the world’s most highly rated swimrunners. A number of ÖtillÖ winners and record holders are present. We are also proud that Lothar and Nicole Leeder come from Germany to lead an event as part of the triathlon weekend on July 29th. They are both icons in the Triathlon World Elite.

Be sure to obtain the experience of the experts! You get insight into their swimrun life and how swimrun training is done. Haga Health Club has established its own swimrun courses, developed by Marika Wagner, ÖtillÖ world champion and winner of Rockman Swimrun. Marika together and Staffan Björklund managed to win all of the classes. The courses are adapted for different levels and vary in length and technical difficulty. You can take the whole course or participate on single occasions that suits you the best. 

Perhaps you try swimrun for the first time or you have already run a couple of runs before. We do not require any technology, time or performance. However, a prerequisite is that you feel comfortable in the water and can crawl at least 200m without stopping – no time requirements.

In addition to the swimming and running itself, the experience of moving freely on land and in water by your own power is added. You exercise both your stamina and different technique moments. For those who tried Swimrun before or are more used to the sport, it is a great way to train in a group with other like-minded people, and at the same time you are motivated by our experienced and credited coaches. Training is also a social activity in the wonderful environment around Brunnsviken.


We have one or two leaders each session depending on the number of participants.
Ulf Hausmann
and/or Tomas Granberg is attending the classes.

Ulf Hausmann: Head coach and program manager. Professional swim coach and former national swimmer of East Germany, Nordic record holder 200m medley in his class, 2nd place in Loftahammar Swimrun and participated in ÖtillÖ
Marika Wagner: Ö-till-Ö world champion mixed class
Tomas Granberg: 2:nd place Solvalla Swimrun, 4:th in ÖtillÖ ranking 2017
Lennart Moberg: Ö-till-Ö world champion and together with Daniel Hansson first under 8 hours!
Carolin Moberg: Winner of Engadin Swimrun together with Lennart Moberg


05 aug, 9:00-10:30:  Tomas Granberg. Focus: trail technique and equipment
12 aug, 9:00-10:30:  Ulf Hausmann. Focus: swimming technique
19 aug, 9:00-10:30:  Lennart Moberg and Carolin Moberg. Focus: swimrun intervalls, training plans, changes, navigation
26 aug, 9:00-10:30:  Marika Wagner, Tomas Granberg. Focus: equipment, trail technique
09 sep, 9:00-10:30:  Lennart Moberg, Ulf Hausmann. Focus: swimrunintervaller, training plans, changes, navigation
16 sep, 9:00-10:30:  Ulf Hausmann, Tomas Granberg. Focus: swimming technique

OBS! Ändringar i schemat kan förkomma.

Additional information and booking instructions

Price per occasion: 
450 kr per occasion
Previous knowledgeCrawl at least 200 m without stopping. You are curioous and like och gillar cardio exercise and has the willpower to fight.
Objectives: You develop with the help of Sweden’s and the world’s most highly rated Swimrunners. In addition to swimming and running, we want you to discover the spirit of the sportto move freely in nature – with own power as well as to master the natural obstacles during running and swimming. To enjoy and simply be one with nature.
Nr of Participants: 24 participants at all occasions, exept the premier opening of Haga HC Swimrunlane june 3rd where we have a maximum of 75 persons.
Equipment: Wetsuit for swimrun. Light weight shoes to swim with (terrain or swimrun shoes). Dolme, paddles and rope is good equipment but not mandatory. Goggles and swim cap. Haga Health Club can provide some equipment such as paddles, dolme and rope.
Changing: Change in Haga Health Clubs locker room with shower and sauna included.
More questions? Contact ulf.hausmann@hagahc.se or cell: 073-8522292

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