Swimming is a technique-driven sport that challenges us in many different ways. You need balance, body control and coordination. Breathing is a challenge for many swimmers. It is important to find a respiratory rhythm, since the face is mostly under water. Strength and agility are also needed to get you the right movement pattern.

In order to improve, it takes many hours in the water where you eventually get a feel for the water and become friends with it. The water is a heavy medium and in this medium you have to move with as little resistance as possible. This is called streamlining.

After all, swimming is a sport of endurance, even though there are very short racing distances aswell. There are four (Olympic) disciplines in swimming, but most of the athletes learn the crawl. Crawling is the fastest way to swim and very energy efficient when you can manage it well. Learning crawling has become very popular thanks to the growing interest in triathlon and swimrun.

Hagas swimcoach:

Ulf Hausmann (former national swimmer for DDR) ulf.hausmann@hagahc.se
cellphone: 073-85 222 92


for Swimrun and Triathlon

for Swimrun and Triathlon

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