CRAWL – Basic course

CRAWL – Basic course – Intensive course, May 21 – 25

The course is aimed for those who want to learn the basics of crawl

Range: 5 times, 60 minutes, week 21, Mon – Fri, 18: 00-19: 00
Fee: SEK 2500:-
Number of participants: 6
Previous knowledge: beginners, no prior knowledge required
Equipment: swimwear, sunglasses, bath cap
Teachers: Ulf Hausmann, proff Swimmingteacher (ex national team swimmer of East Germany)
Erik Håkansson, certified swimming coach for beginners
Tomas Granberg, swimrun coach


Crawling course for beginners is aimed at those who want to learn the basics of crawl. You may have never tried before, feeling uncomfortable with dipping your head or you may feel that breathing becomes difficult. Or you have tried before but did not move on. We want you to study the basics of swimming crawl quietly and methodically. Therefore, there is a maximum of 6 people on this course. We want to give you individual feedback so you can adjust the technology and develop your swimming.

During the course we will conduct theory and practice. Every opportunity has a new focus. You will practice breathing, water mode, posture, arm motion and timing. The goal is to make you feel relaxed in the water and to swim without ending after 25 meters. We want to create a calm environment that facilitates learning. Swimming is a sport that requires a lot of water, and relaxation is a key word for learning. The course fits well if you have as a goal to try out triathlon or swimrun. The crawl course is conducted at Haga Health Club in the 15 m pool.

Course plan, 5 occasions:

1. Breathing, posture, water position
2. Breathing, posture, water position, leg position
3. Timing: Arm movement, respiratory rhythm
4. Underwater pull and reverse
5. Improvement and film analysis

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