BOXING – Training for everyone

At Haga Health Club, established boxers train side by side with beginners. Here are all welcome. We train in a state-of-the-art newly built powerbox with first-class equipment.

Here you exercise fitness and strength training in an inspiring environment with many boxing and performance tools. Our 600 sqm POWERBOX houses lots of boxing bags, kettlebells, battle ropes, dips and chins rails, weights and other training equipment, and in the center of all this boasts an internationally-approved elevated boxing ring.
Here you exercise properly, find your inner strength and build real muscles and agility that interact. This is not just appearance …

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Competition – Amateur boxing

Boxing is a martial arts in which two people compete in strength, speed, reflexes (tense and feel), stamina and will through battling gloves in a boxing ring. In amateur boxing, the goal is to defend oneself and collect points by meeting the opponent with approved strokes. The intention is not to win by physically damaging the opponent. Matches to the head and upper body give points. The call judge’s task is to ensure that the boxes do not violate the rules and to ensure the safety of the boxers. Stroke under the waist is forbidden, as is retention. Knockout is rare in amateur boxing, because the referee usually breaks down uneven matches already.

Differences amateur and professional boxing

In amateur boxing, headwear and linen are used, while professional boxers compete with bare head and upper body. Amateur boxers also use softer gloves. In amateur boxing, the matches consist of four rounds in two minutes, while professional boxing matches are usually six, eight or ten rounds long. In the professional boxing, the ring judge allows more difficult than the amateur boxing, and he usually waits for longer to break an uneven match.

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